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Boat Dimensions:

Draught: Minimum 370mm.....Maximum 420mm

Depth of the hull from waterline 60mm

Hull Length 1000mm

Weight ready to sail minimum 4000g

Keel weight: Minimum 2200g.....Maximum 2500g

Rudder weight: Maximum 75g

Our group primarily sails the International One Metre or IOM. The class rules are very tight with three one design rigs permitted and restrictions on construction materials, overall and ballast weight, and draft. There is a maximum overall length of one metre and a minimum weight of 4 Kg. These rules are aimed at controlling costs and enabling the amateur builder to produce a competitive yacht.

Class rules are strict; to compete each boat must have a valid International One Metre Class Certificate issued by their countries National Class Association. In Canada that authority is the Canadian Radio Yachting Association. Boats, are checked for compliance before national and international events.

The international governing body for the IOM Class is IOMICA - International One Metre - International Class Association.

Following are the components and results of building an IOM using moulds
Next comes the process of fitting out and rigging, this includes the fin, bulb, rudder, spars, running rigging, winches, servos, electrics, receiver, and transceiver.