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IOM Builders:

Vickers IOM

TS-2 - Australia

Radio Race Yachts - Australia

Vinaixa Yachts - Spain

Sailsetc - UK - Graham Bantock

BG Sails & Design - UK

Robot Yachts - UK

Taylor Made Yachts - UK

Masterboats - The Netherlands

Pikanto RG - Croatia

Some of the builders above may supply individual components such as fins, rudders, and boats at various stages of completion.

Suppliers of Parts & Components

The world resource for everything to do with the IOM Sailsetc in the UK.

Another UK source of information and equipment Kbits

The North American source for most Sailsetc components is Midwest Model Yachting.

The New very complete Australian source for radio sailing parts and components the Radio Sailing Shop.

Mast Materials - Google search - Tentpole Technologies

Ultralite Radio Yachting NZ - All radio yacht fittings including Carbon Fiber Fins and Rudders for IOM's and other radio yachts.

Sail Makers:

Blackmagick Sails - New Zealand

Power Sails - New Zealand

Carr Sails - USA

Sailsetc - UK

Housemartin Sails - UK also supply other fittings

BG Sails - UK

IOM Projects:

See Seattle IOM Update- Here

A blog on building Anders Wallin's "Noux" design

Another blog on scratch building a "Vektor"

Building Cedar Vickers V8

Important websites for IOM owners and those in search of knowledge about the sport.